About Us

The Key to Absolute Health is Prevention

Founded by Dr. Robert Caccavale, Absolute Health’s mission is to give patients access to healthcare that is focused on active and preventative health management rather than treatment of diseases.

Disease and disability are not inevitable facts of life. Although we are now finding disease earlier through enhanced awareness, screening programs and improved diagnostic studies, the outcomes are still disappointing. The optimal time to intervene and prevent clinical problems is when indicators in your blood chemistry reveal imbalances and dysfunction, not after diseases develop.

While traditional medicine is essential in acute care situations, such as heart attacks and stroke, it has not been successful in preventing or reversing them.

At Absolute Health, we believe that active medical management means prevention and reversal of illnesses, not treatment of diseases. We know that the signs of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity are evident many years before symptoms arise.

Absolute Health developed a methodology and a network of doctors that are trained to provide active health management services. In addition, Absolute Health provides premier concierge services with direct access to the doctors, nutritionists and health experts via online, on the phone and in person.

Using state-of-the-art lab testing and scientifically based methodology, the doctors that are part of the Absolute Health network provide a tailored approach for every patient that identifies risk factors associated with or contributing to disease. We look at all the factors that play a role in your overall health and design a personalized program of nutritional and lifestyle changes, as well as supplements and medications, based on your individual needs and as evidenced by your lab results. The multidisciplinary team at Absolute Health is your partner to help you determine and achieve your health and wellness goals.

We Get to the Root of the Problem


Through advanced lab testing, we can detect the risk factors for a future cardiovascular event and the presence of insulin resistance putting you at risk for prediabetes, diabetes and other related diseases.

At Absolute Health, utilizing our in-depth understanding of biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and the critical role of our cell membranes and lipid metabolism, along with nutritional and lifestyle changes, we can direct a patient’s life on a healthy and vibrant course to avoid disease and disability.

Lab Testing