Absolute Health Helps Executive Become Triathlete Through Lifestyle Changes

In the early 2000s, Thomas Hofstetter was doing the near impossible – building and growing two businesses at the same time. As a co-owner of Sky Blue FC, a women’s professional soccer team in the National Women’s Soccer League, and CEO of Points Group LLC, a medical marketing and consulting company, Hofstetter was justifiably stressed. In fact, during the process, he recalls, “I gained a lot of weight, to the point where I wasn’t happy. I knew that if I kept on that path, I wouldn’t last to old age.” At 5’11”, his 25-pound gain reflected his hectic lifestyle.

The turning point came when the then 47-year-old Hofstetter watched a documentary about Lew Hollander. Today, Hollander is an 85-year-old Guinness World Record holder preparing for his 59th IRONMAN triathlon. “If this guy can do it,” he thought to himself, “I can do it, too; no excuses.”

That was in October 2011, the same month Hofstetter announced to his wife, “Next year I’m going to do a triathlon.” This despite the fact that he was so out of shape he had to walk for four weeks before he could even begin to run! But by January 1, the father of four put himself on a fitness program and set a date to attain his goal, registering for his first ever triathlon.

Simultaneously, Hofstetter decided to consult Dr. Bob Caccavale, Chief Medical Officer, Absolute Health. “Fitness is one thing, but being healthy is quite another,” Hofstetter says.

“I wanted to do the training under supervision and to have a more comprehensive approach towards changing my lifestyle. Dr. Caccavale gave me the basis to do so from a medical and nutritional perspective. The extensive blood test that is done at Absolute Health really impressed me – the things he recognized were important. While, fortunately, I had no serious issues, I definitely had to adjust my nutrition.”

Indeed, Hofstetter recognized the nutritional rut he fell captive. As a native of Germany, he recalls, “I never ate completely unhealthy. Growing up in Europe, I was used to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and salads. But being from Germany, I also loved bread, potatoes and pasta. In terms of my diet, I was doing quite a few things wrong. I had gotten into a rut in my eating behaviors.”

Adds a determined Hofstetter, “I’m the kind of person who once I put my mind to something, I am committed to it.” And so he was. Three months after he began his Absolute Health program, a fit and slender Hofstetter crossed his first finish line 25 pounds lighter. He successfully ran a 7K “training run”, placing 15th out of 1,000 runners. That training run gave him the momentum and confidence to reach toward his ultimate goal of achieving a triathlon. But he didn’t just reach that goal; he surpassed it, participating in TWO triathlons that year.

Fast forward to the present. Hofstetter remains committed to his new lifestyle. He’s in good physical shape and reports being much happier. He visits Absolute Health several times a year for checkups and/or blood work.

“Once you understand what Absolute Health shows you, you act on it. Today, I eat more often and snack a lot. I always have nuts on my desk. Nuts fill you up. Nuts last longer than bread. On the fruit side, I changed the types I eat. I tend more toward berries, like raspberries, rather than the sweeter (sugary) fruits.”

Hofstetter, an excellent cook and baker, says, “What Absolute Health also taught me is you can cook everything you cooked before. By making slight modifications to the ingredients, the recipe can go from sinful to very healthy.”

Regarding his formerly beloved bread and starches, he says he doesn’t have to discipline himself; eating only a small amount of them comes naturally. “It’s not hard to eat fewer carbohydrates, since I just feel better physically when I do.”

As of October 2015, Hofstetter has completed FOUR triathlons and THREE ultramarathons (two were 50-milers and one was a 100-miler)! Now, he has his eye on the next phase of training, and business is thriving.

“The change would not have happened if I didn’t want it to. It starts with you. But Dr. Caccavale and Absolute Health are a key component to succeed. Whenever I need them, I have access to them,” says Hofstetter.

“If you want to improve your life, or have a life-changing impact on how you go through life, you need help. It comes from family, but also from a practice like Absolute Health. They’re very good at providing guidance on all major components: nutrition, medicine, and lifestyle.”