Why Do My LDL-C and HDL-C Numbers Not Add Up to My Total Cholesterol?

When getting lab results back, you may have noticed that the number that represents your total cholesterol differs from simply adding your HDL-C and LDL-C. So, why don’t they add up? This is a very good question, and it can be answered with a simple math equation: TC = HDL-C + LDL-C + IDL-C + VLDL-C + Lp(a)-C …Well, it’s … Read More

It’s All in the Particles!

Our attempts to eliminate cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis have not been successful, despite a very rigorous methodology of measuring cholesterol levels in the blood. One of the most perplexing revelations has been continuing to see patients who have a cardiovascular event (i.e., a heart attack) come back with normal cholesterol levels in their blood. How is this possible? What are … Read More

Cholesterol: Friend or Foe?

Over the course of time, the word cholesterol has developed a negative connotation. As a society, we have been bombarded with advertisements constantly reinforcing the concept that eating low-cholesterol foods will keep us “heart-healthy”. So, cholesterol must be bad for us if we don’t want it in our food, right? Wrong. Cholesterol is a fat-like steroid alcohol (sterol). It is … Read More

What is your lipid panel telling you?

When evaluating your risk for conditions such as heart disease or heart attack, your physician generally orders a lipid panel as part of a cardiovascular risk assessment. What are lipids, exactly? Lipids are fat and fat-like substances in the body that play an imperative role in cell production and body energy. When a lipid profile is done, the profile measures … Read More