Diagnostic Test

  • How is this blood test different from other blood tests?
    We go beyond the traditional lab work that you get done routinely. With this panel of tests, we use state-of-the-art technology to test for lab markers that help us to look below the surface and uncover possible risk indicators that other laboratory tests do not reveal.
  • How should I prepare for the blood test?
    You need to make an appointment to come into our Somerset, NJ office and have blood drawn. It requires a 12-hour overnight fast, and we recommend drinking only pure water to stay hydrated. We will send your blood samples to the appropriate lab for analysis. For our patients who are not within close proximity to our Somerset office, we will help you find the nearest location to perform the blood test.
  • Will there be a second blood test done to compare results? If so, when will it be?
    Our program at Absolute Health is designed not only to test you for any risk indicators and give you a comprehensive look at your total health, but also to track your progress and see improvements in your health. After following your personalized treatment plan for 3-6 months, you will schedule another blood test identical to the first. We will then evaluate the second blood test and see if your health has improved and, if not, how we can help you adjust your treatment plan to get you on the right track.
  • Is there a minimum age requirement in order to get these blood tests?
    We know that some families have higher risks for certain diseases than others. Absolute Health is about being proactive about your health, and there is no better time to be proactive than when you are a young adult and most capable of making changes.
  • I’ve gotten a blood test in the past to test my cholesterol, and it came back clear of any risk. How is this any different?
    Many people who know they are at risk for high cholesterol get laboratory tests done to assess their levels. What these blood tests usually include is a standard lipid profile that reveals information such as your total cholesterol, your “good” cholesterol, your “bad” cholesterol and your triglycerides. While this information is important, we take it one step further. With our advanced technology we can test for the number of particles that carry cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as other biomarkers that can indicate a patient’s cardiometabolic risk. These in-depth tests are extremely beneficial for patients because even when a standard lipid profie is in the normal range, you can still be at risk.
  • Will I receive a copy of my test results?
    Yes. After reviewing your test results with your doctor, you will be given a packet of all the information discussed. This packet explains what your numbers mean in a way that is simple to understand. You will be able to review your results and reach out to your doctor again with any possible questions you might have.

Genetic Predispositions

  • Why should I make an appointment if I am already aware of predispositions to certain diseases?
    Although you may already know your predispositions to diseases, you can never be too informed. For instance, you might know that you are at risk for heart disease because of a family member, but do not know the exact reason you are at risk. We can pinpoint the area of concern and start you on a treatment plan that helps manage or reduce your risk while it’s still in the beginning stages.
  • What kind of follow-up will take place if my results show I am at high risk for a disease?
    In the event that you are told you are at high risk for a certain disease, we will make it our priority to immediately start you on a treatment plan that can ensure your risk does not increase. In some cases, we will prescribe you medicine to make sure your condition is managed. It can be hard to hear that your health is not optimal, but you can have faith that we are as concerned about getting you healthy as you are.
  • Do test results showing that I am predisposed to a condition mean I must go on medication?
    Not necessarily. Although many doctors may have conditioned you in the past to believe that medication is always the answer, we believe that sometimes there are alternative treatment plans that can be just as, if not more, effective. However, if your condition calls for it, we will prescribe you the medication necessary to keep you as healthy as possible.
  • Is it possible to reduce my risk for any conditions?
    Yes. The beauty of health science is that just as there are ways you can increase your risk for conditions, there are also ways you can decrease your risk for conditions. Sometimes simply changing your eating habits and including supplements in your daily routine can be all your body needs to lower your risk for diseases in the future.

Diabetes Management

  • If my report shows that I am prediabetic, what will Absolute Health help me do to ensure it does not progress any further?
    Absolute Health prides itself on being a way for patients to be proactive about their health. Being told you are prediabetic can be a big shock, but we will help you make sure it does not progress any further. Working with our nutritionist, we will set you up with a nutritional plan to ensure that your blood sugar is always under control. We will also help you make any other lifestyle changes necessary so that you are never given a diagnosis of full-blown diabetes.
  • I already have diabetes and have been managing it for years with medication. What can Absolute Health do for me that’s different than my current management?
    If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you might think that taking your medication is all that is necessary. Here at Absolute Health we make sure you understand that lifestyle and nutrition play an immense role in the management plan for diabetes. Addressing these two factors can help you avoid having to add another medication to keep your diabetes under control.
  • Is it possible for me to reverse my type 2 diabetes?
    There is scientific proof of people suffering from insulin resistance who are able to reverse the damage done and reverse prediabetes. With the proper lifestyle changes and support from your team at Absolute Health, we are hopeful that you can one day reverse your diabetes as well. If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, with the proper lifestyle changes and support from your team at Absolute Health, we will be able to manage and improve your state of health to avoid all the secondary complications associated with this disease.

Meeting with Your Physician

  • What’s the difference between Absolute Health and my primary care physician?
    When you go to your primary care physician, generally it is because of a particular ailment or a general check-up. The tests that primary care physicians run are beneficial, but none specialize in your overall health diagnosis the way ours do. At Absolute Health our providers are experts in delivering your results to you and helping you assess several aspects of your health in a way that a primary care physician never does. A primary care physician also rarely provides you with a personalized, in-depth treatment plan to follow and checks up on you on a regular basis the way we do. Choosing Absolute Health is choosing the total healthcare experience.
  • Can I choose how long I want to keep following up with the physicians after my initial appointment?
    Yes, the choice is always yours; however, your physician will make the recommendation considered best for your needs. After the initial appointment, certain patients may only require an annual visit if they are motivated to stay on top and ahead of their health needs. Others may require a much more extensive treatment program and therefore require more frequent follow-ups. The decision on how to proceed will always be made by you and your physician working as a team.
  • If I am prescribed medication in the process, do I have to schedule more follow-up appointments?
    Yes. If you are prescribed medication, we will schedule your follow-up appointments more often. We want to make sure your medication is having a positive influence on your health and get your input in how you personally feel. These follow-up appointments ensure that the medication is doing its job and allow us to adjust dosages if necessary.

Lifestyle Changes

  • I’ve tried diets before, but none are ever effective. How can Absolute Health create a diet that is different from those?
    Often times when people try to go on diets on their own, they use conventional diets such as “no carbs,” “no eating after 7 pm,” and sometimes dangerous crash diets. The problem with diets like these is that they are not healthy, sustainable ways of losing weight. Many people will attempt a diet and find that they cannot stick to it, or they lose motivation and their weight will start to “yo-yo.” Here at Absolute Health, we understand that the key to weight loss is setting realistic, attainable goals. You will never be told to cut out 100% of carbs from your diet or that any food is bad in moderation. Our nutritionists will educate you on the basics of food nutrition and will help you learn how to make smart decisions, without making you feel like you have to give anything up. We will help you distinguish between “good” and “bad” carbs and “good” and “bad” fats.
  • My primary care physician said I am at a healthy weight. Why should I have to change my diet if I am not overweight?
    Even at a healthy body weight, you can still be at risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and others. How your body looks on the outside does not always match what it looks like on the inside. Many people think that if they are thin or at a normal weight, they are healthy overall. Absolute Health can help you assess whether you are at risk for any diseases or conditions and, if so, get you on a treatment plan to help you keep it under control.
  • How will my treatment plan help increase my energy and stop me from feeling fatigued all the time?
    So many people suffering from low energy and constant fatigue just blame it on not sleeping enough the night before or missing their morning coffee. However, sometimes these can be symptoms of an underlying condition. By pinpointing any hidden health problems and helping you make healthy lifestyle choices, we can alleviate symptoms such as constant low energy.
  • How does the nutritionist make a diet plan that is just right for me?
    Our nutritionist will analyze your tests results and create a plan that will be most effective for you. You will meet with the nutritionist and tell her about your personal needs and goals, and together you will come up with a treatment plan that is exactly what you need to succeed. Our nutritionist knows that no two bodies are alike, which is why your nutritional plan will be personalized to your specific body and your body only.

Long-Term Health

  • How often will the doctor or nutritionist check in with me in regards to my progress?
    At Absolute Health, your team is available whenever you need us. You will have unlimited access to your physician, nutritionist, and exercise specialist and you can expect to hear back from them within 24 hours. You can reach out at any time to your health consultant who serves as a liaison between you and your team of experts.
  • What kind of results should I expect from following the regimen?
    When you decide to let Absolute Health assist you in your health journey, you will gain many benefits. Everyone has different goals and desires for their own personal health, but you can be sure that whatever your goals are, we will help you get there.
  • How can I make sure I do not revert back to unhealthy habits after I am no longer seeing my physician?
    Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult when not under direct physician supervision, we give you the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our nutritionist will educate you so that you can continue to improve your health long after your last appointment at Absolute Health. Do not think of Absolute Health as a temporary Band-Aid® to your problems. Think of it as a way to educate yourself and gain the knowledge you need to always keep yourself happy and healthy.
  • I am an elderly patient looking to maintain my mental and physical health for as long as possible. How can Absolute Health’s services benefit me?
    Aging gracefully is one of our specialties at Absolute Health. With the average lifespan of Americans always increasing, more people are interested in how they can stay mentally and physically healthy for as long as possible. We can help you manage any medications you are currently on and recommend other medications if necessary. There are also lifestyle changes you can make to ensure that you live a productive and healthy life for as long as possible, and we want to assist you every step of the way.