A Life Remade with Absolute Health

Jim Stryker is a busy business executive, and yet he is committed to the Absolute Health program and its philosophy.

Before embarking on this life-changing journey, 71-year-old Stryker knew he was overweight. “I don’t know if I fit the term ‘medically’, but I was morbidly obese. The result of that certainly shows up in the condition of the heart and level of stamina and, to a certain extent, the outlook on life.” After a traditional physical, Stryker was informed that he needed to lose weight, but “I never looked at it as a health issue or lifestyle change,” he says.

Stryker set aside his skepticism and viewed his appointment at Absolute Health as “an opportunity to take a different look at my health”.

During the appointment, “My wife Ursula and I went through all the outcomes and health history. That included a 10-page detailed review of my blood test.” Says Stryker, “Dr. Caccavale’s approach was unexpected. It was more a ‘crystal ball’ look at my future health as opposed to a corrective approach.” Good thing he got that look, since he found some potential cardiac and blood lipid issues.

Although Stryker had health issues for a decade and felt it was time to start confronting them, he praises Absolute Health’s unique treatment. “It was a totally different approach. Although it is easily measurable, losing weight was just one step in the process; it wasn’t the total outcome.”

Stryker followed the personalized Absolute Health plan, including increased exercise and walking. (“The dog doesn’t give me much choice.”) Due to his dedication, he has lost about 50 pounds and now weighs about 200. “The most symbolic element is that we donated 40 bags of clothing to charity that no longer fit me,” he says.

Stryker, who visits Absolute Health every six months for a reevaluation, says, “Dr. Caccavale takes a personal interest. This isn’t a 10-minute physical (the initial evaluation was three hours), but rather a continuing conversation about my health options and the future. He also gives me access and translation to the mystery of the medical profession.”

During his appointments, Stryker has his wife in tow, which is encouraged at Absolute Health. “Whether it’s weight loss or change in diet or lifestyle, it really has to be a family affair. Dr. Caccavale understands that’s a very key element. “

Jim Stryker says he has such confidence in Dr. Caccavale and Absolute Health that he has referred both his wife and 40-year-old daughter. His daughter has a history of severe migraines and is looking to manage her condition with any lifestyle assistance. Stryker hopes with a customized Absolute Health plan, she can improve her quality of life just like her dad.